Mohandessin duplex

Originally a family home; this duplex flat is now occupied by the son, a young professional with a busy lifestyle.

We were given creative free reign to ultimately create a warm, cozy and uncluttered space.

The main challenge of the duplex was to utilize the space more efficiently; the client’s main concerns were to have a more open and spacious area for relaxing and entertaining, and a study where he could focus on work. we re-configured many of the existing rooms, removing walls and extending onto the balcony area to create a more spacious living area, allowing for a more harmonious flow throughout the flat. The flat has a large balcony that was previously unused and is now a focal point for entertainment, being fully equipped with automated lighting features and sound system.  All furniture was custom made by our team to meet the client’s requirements.  The materials used were of the highest quality and all manufactured locally in Egypt; from walnut parquet, to high gloss finished closet doors, to different types of wood cladding.